Collision Repair Estimates

Collision Repair Estimates If you have a vehicle that has been damaged, you may be ready to take it to a shop that does auto body in Portland to get an estimate. It may be a little bit challenging to read and understand your auto body estimate, so here is a bit of information that will help you understand some of the things that will be included.

First, there will be an itemized list of work that needs to be done with an estimated number of hours that it will take to complete the work. You may be interested in how the auto body in Portland determines how to estimate those times.

Collision Repair Estimates

Collision Repair Estimates It isn’t all simply based on experience fixing other vehicles and then applying that experience to your vehicle, although there is some of that. Many of the estimated times are based on industry standards that are published in a book as well as in software form. These items are considered to be standard items and should be estimated at the listed number of hours.

For instance, if parts of your vehicle need replacing, they can be looked up in the software and a standard number of hours will appear, such as 4.3 hours to replace a specific type of bumper or 1.5 hours to replace a certain type of headlights. These will be the same no matter which auto body in Portland you take your vehicle to, so if you get more than one estimate, the number of hours estimated for replacement parts should be the same. Your insurance adjustor will also use the book to get the same time estimates.

Collision Repair Estimates

R & I items are also standardized. This is the abbreviated form for Remove and Install, which is what needs to happen to certain undamaged parts in order to get to the damaged parts and repair them. You do just what you did with the replacement parts; search the software and find the time estimate for removing and installing the part. Collision Repair Estimates

Actual repair work is not so cut and dried. Your technician at the auto body in Portland will put down the amount of time he thinks it will take to repair individual areas that have been damaged. If his time estimates are close to the ones that the insurance adjustor comes up with, then you are ready to go.


collision repair estimates