Why Automotive Painting and Physique Technician Instruction Could Match You

You never will need to be an artist to be a good automotive painting and Physique technician. But if the following things describe you, then automotive Education applications could be the ideal route for you!

YOU ARE Hunting FOR A HANDS-ON Profession

You can not get extra hands-on than automotive Education applications. All of the courses to come to be an auto painting and Physique tech consist of hands-on Instruction to create the critical practical experience necessary to enter the Career. Studying how to paint a car will contain Education in a wide selection of locations. You can anticipate Finding out issues including:

  • automotive refinishing prep tools and shop procedures
  • surface preparation
  • repairing little dents in vehicles
  • priming
  • the refinishing of plastic car components
  • masking procedures
  • introduction to the refinishing procedures involved
  • the tools and gear employed in the Career
  • Mastering the welding technologies applied
  • sheet metal repair
  • Understanding the technologies involved in car building and plastic repair

When in the perform field, you will take this practical experience and apply it to hands-on tasks including:

  • the repairing of minor damages on automobiles
  • preparing automobiles for painting; masking and priming
  • collision or restorative function, or even designing and generating custom paint jobs
  • removing components, broken fenders, doors, panels, and grills
  • repairing the structure of automobiles


The spend structure for a Refinishing Prep and Auto Physique Technician permits for lots of area to have an earnings Development. This is due to the fact a lot of auto shops charge a flat price program, but the technicians are paid a fixed price even if they full their function in significantly less time than was initially budgeted.

The most current understanding offered from Statistics Canada states that 96% of these utilised in automotive painting auto Physique operate are at the moment experiencing earnings Development and are also functioning total time. What is far more, the typical spend for Collision Repair technicians is involving $40, 000 and $ 56, 000. Automotive Coaching applications stay the most effective way to enter into this planet of earnings Development.

YOU ARE Seeking FOR JOB Safety

Auto Physique Technicians and Automotive Refinishing Prep Technicians are two places that are each in continual demand. Fantastic automotive Coaching applications will concentrate on the Growth of the job abilities needed to assure effective entry into this Profession industry.

Graduates of automotive Instruction applications can expect getting into a promising business. The Automotive Market remains one of the most critical in North America. There is plenty of competitors, significant advances in technologies (such as “green initiatives”) and a continual demand to repair and service the some 500 million automobiles that are circulating on the roads. This is all to say that enrolling in automotive Education applications can virtually make certain that you get an employment.

Places exactly where you can find employment contain:

  • new car dealerships
  • collision repair facilities
  • custom specialty shops
  • facilities that deal with heavy duty truck repairs
  • you can even turn into an entrepreneur and personal your personal shop

Find out much more about painting and auto Physique technician applications.

Make contact with Automotive Instruction Centre for extra know-how on their automotive painting and Physique technician method.
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